Shorter procedure times with SAPIEN 3 TAVI

With fewer complications, you achieve faster procedures, freeing you to help more patients.

Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR) procedure time

SAPIEN 3 TAVI could allow treatment of 2 to 3 additional patients per day in a single room with a single team.

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With less procedural complications, which predict mortality and hospitalization times, more resources are freed up to treat more patients

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Potentially lowering patient exposure to the healthcare system

Early Discharge1

80.1% Next day


Next day

89% Procedure + 48 hours


Procedure + 48 hours

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Choosing SAPIEN 3 TAVI can help your patients stay out of the hospital

*As defined in the PARTNER 3 trial: valve related, procedure related, cardiac related rehospitalization.

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